The Goodshipping Program – Changing the course of sustainable shipping
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What is the GoodShipping Program

The GoodShipping Program is the world’s first sustainable marine program for corporates regardless of their geography, size and current operations.


The aim of this program is to change the marine fuel mix, helping to stimulate and demonstrate the use of advanced biofuels in the shipping industry.


It provides a way for corporates of all sizes and industries to contribute to the communication and adoption of biofuels, and a platform for lobbyists to push forward legislation and regulation of environmental impacts from the marine market space.

The four goals of the GoodShipping Program

The GoodShipping Program aims to add value and influence in the following four areas.


Changing the fuel mix in the shipping industry to sustainable advanced biofuel.


Creating a movement through market exposure gained in using sustainable advanced biofuel in the shipping industry.


Providing for a platform to influence decision makers to provide incentives in the marine industry.


Research and develop for the most sustainable advanced biofuel at the most affordable price.

Why act

1. The marine industry burns the dirtiest fuels in the market. Today, shipping is the 6th-highest emitting “country” and a major source of black carbon emissions. Shipping is a fast-growing source of GHG, projected to account for 17% of global CO2 emissions by 2050.


2. Shipping, being a truly global activity, has been omitted from COP21 agreements. IMO has just postponed its GHG strategy to 2023, leaving the industry without an incentive to decarbonize.


3. IMO mandated efficiency measures – EEDI for new ships, EEOI and SEEMP for all ships – are by far insufficient to reduce carbon emissions. Adoption of low-carbon fuel is urgently needed.

World trade carried by the international shipping industry0%
Contribution of the world's carbon emissions from shipping0%
Potential of global CO2 emissions in 2050 if left unregulated0%
Marine black carbon in diesel emissions in 20100%


We understand that it is almost impossible for any single corporation to change the sustainable landscape in the shipping industry alone as they may not have the flexibility in their logistic arrangements to make this happen. That’s why the GoodShipping Program is designed so that corporates of any size and with any operations are able to join, making it the world’s single largest sustainable shipping initiative.



Are you a corporation hoping to change the sustainability landscape in the shipping industry? Get in touch now to join the journey with us.

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