How it works - The GoodShipping Program
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How it works

Connecting your shipping freight to our program is an investment in the container shipping industry as a whole. Let us explain how it works.

Container ship network

You could compare the container shipping industry to your electricity network. As with electricity, almost all businesses make use of container shipments at some point in time. However, before businesses did not have a say in the type of fuel that was used for their shipments, until now.

No change to your supply chain

Your investment in renewable marine biofuel based on your trade lanes, freight and ambition will be injected by us in a ship once a year. That is why you do not have to change the supply chain of your business when you decide to join our program.

Five easy steps

Step 1: Exchange of information


After confirming your interest or your intention to participate to make your ocean freight (partially) sustainable, we will ask you to provide us with an indication of your ocean freight volume.

Step 2: Co-fabrication of agreement


Based on your ocean freight volume, GoodShipping will then develop different scenarios and storylines for your participation in the program. This will also be based on the level of sustainable ambition of your business and/or your available budget.

Step 3: Agreement


After going through the scenarios together and making an agreement, both parties will sign a contract. With this contract, your business will commit to having (a share of) the ocean freight volume (in TEU-km) shipped in a carbon-neutral way via the GoodShipping Program. And we will commit to our end.

Step 4: Execution – behind the scenes


The GoodShipping Program will coordinate everything around the fuel switch on behalf of your business.


The volume of advanced biofuel corresponding to the commitment of various customers will simultaneously be batched and put up for bunkering. When the time is there, a carrier bunkers this batch when calling in a preselected port with a preselected container vessel.


Thereby, the heavy fuel oil in the preselected container vessel is replaced during its operation on the Good Trade Lane.

Step 5: Your CO2-impact


The GoodShipping Program will calculate the exact CO2-impact of the business and provide proof that this business has joined and helped our movement.


Our customer will receive a certificate for participation in the GoodShipping Program. This certificate consists of the Sustainability Statement, the Accounting Statement and the Market Impact Statement.

Want to know what our program could mean for your business?