How it works - The GoodShipping Program
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How it works

The GoodShipping Program follows

eight simple steps

The Cargo Owner/ Shipper

Based on the level of sustainable ambition and/or available budget, the cargo owners determines the desired level of impact by committing (the share of) its ocean freight volume to be shipped in a carbon-neutral way via the GoodShipping Programma.


The environmental benefits are quantified and protected from double claims. The CO2-benefits are allocated to the cargo owner and three statements are awarded regarding sustainability, carbon accounting, and market impact.


The GoodShipping Program

On behalf of the cargo owner, the GoodShipping Program enables the fuel switch – replacing heavy fuel oil with sustainable marine biofuel onboard of a preselected container vessel operating on the preferred Good Trade Lane.


The Carrier

The carrier bunkers the batch of advanced marine biofuels when calling port, and  can continue business as usual.

Member benefits

As a participating corporate you will also receive the following from GoodFuels on an annual basis: